Revach Vehazola

Revach Hazolo is a charity organization,  with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty.

We Provide

Food, Clothing & Financial Support

Financial Support

We also provide financial support. We are open to assisting families at all times but special consideration will be given during periods of high financial pressure such as holiday seasons, the beginning of a new school year, or when a family is blessed with a new baby.

We evaluate each circumstance individually and with great care in order to ensure that each recipient receives the amount they need.

Food Packages

It is well known the situation of Parnasa of many heimishe families in Eretz Yisrael, where parents are trying to put food, as simple as bread, milk and butter on the table.

Forget about such expensive items like cheese, farina, or eggs etc. And their kids therefore lack the most basics in nourishment. It effects the kids at home, in school and leaves an impact even in later years.

We opened this organization to make sure that these kids should not stay hungry. We are providing monthly coupons for these sweet children to be able to get the most basic food items, so they should be able to shteig b’Ruchniyus and b’Gashmiyus.


Our Mission & Vision

We help families struggling to provide food for their children, others requiring costly medical treatment, support and respite care for mothers after childbirth, grants to cover the cost of a simple wedding and of young couples setting up home, and numerous other forms of charitable help.


Donate Now

As of now, we have over 1500 kids on our list, and the waiting list is even bigger, we’re just waiting for funds.

What will you do to help?


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